Monday, February 15, 2010

f-f-freezing in France

Hello from Montpellier! We left a very frigid Dijon this morning and couldn't be happier about being in the (if only slightly) warmer South. What we're not happy about? The fact that every time we jokingly point out a beautiful building and say, "I bet you anything that's a lycée (high school)!" And then it actually is! Boy did we get the shaft! Case in point:

Ah well. At least we're not at our schools now! This break it's chilly just about everywhere, which makes the motivation to go outside and explore almost non-existant. I'll blame it on today being a "travel day." Train delays galore. Although we have no real excuse for Dijon... In my defense I'll say I was sick and we at least went and had some mustard... granted, it was a sauce on mussels, but it still counts! Better luck tomorrow! We don't even know what's in this town. But we're about to find out!

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  1. Have fun and stay warm! Love the faces in the picture! Sarah is looks a bit sad and dejected where Sally, you look like you are about to bring down the wrath of God on the French government. Hahahaha!