Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's e-mail, it's voicemail, it's snail mail

In He's Just Not That Into You, Drew Barrymore longs for the days when there was only one way to get in touch with someone. I, on the other hand, am missing the days when I could "get rejected by seven different technologies." Hidden away in this small town, I can really use all the human contact from back home I can get! So as we wait the impossibly long wait for internet to annoint the bomb shelter, I give you...

my address:
98 rue Valentin Smith
01600 Trévoux

my French cell phone:
+33 6 48 83 83 39
If you have skype minutes, please call!!! I get free incoming calls! Katy & Will put their knowledge of the French 1, 2, 3s to use & figured out (so you don't have to) that you have to press 3 after the scary French lady says something ridiculously fast in order to leave a voicemail. But when I get internet, we can all skype for free!!!

By all means, send me an e-mail ( the length of a novel for me to read in between classes at school. Because so far, I don't really have any anyway. Today some of the English teachers said, "She's been here 3 weeks & she hasn't been able to get started yet." Thank you, Sherlock!

Well... back to the bomb shelter to watch one of the movies I brought along for the umpteenth time! And to think I almost didn't bring any!

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  1. Be thankful you have time to watch movies. I keep looking over at my dvd case longingly, knowing that it holds forbidden, time wasting things. Ah, life. But don't worry, our pen pal deal is still going so you will be getting things from me. I hope you get internet soon!!! Love!