Tuesday, March 2, 2010

as per Aunt Suz's request...

I give you an update on the daily destruction of the paper chain countdown. Taking down 15 rings after winter break was probably more of a thrill than it should have been...

And with that, I rounded a corner of the room!

That leaves 57 days total, 20 workdays.

Otherwise, not much going on here besides correcting some heavily French accented Shakespearean English. "Thou" is not pronounced "zoo." This somewhat less glamorous fact of life will not change no matter how many times you try, just in case you were wondering! Oh, and I'm going to Paris Thursday night to spend the weekend with Brita! Life is good! Miss you much! xoxo


  1. Thanks for the update, Sally! It is a visual reminder that nothing is forever, and this too shall pass. Our kids made paper chains for Advent, counting down the days to Christmas. "We can hardly stand the wait, Please Christmas, don't be late" - Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    Love you,

    Aunt Suz

  2. Sally, Love all your photos and comments. Can't wait to try the chocolate dessert!!
    We missed 3 days of school this week 7 inches of snow, and went on Saturday YUK> Can't wait til Spring!! We Love ya and miss ya.. HUGS.

    PS. have you seen La Vie en Rose? Fantastique!
    A. MAureen

  3. This too shall pass!!! That can go down on my most favorite sayings ever list.

    And, Aunt Maureen, I have seen La Vie en Rose- so good! I actually got my mom to watch it with me, believe it or not!