Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Max et les maximonstres

You know you live in France when you pass five châteaux on your way to the movie theater. This past weekend my roommate and I went to see the film Where the Wild Things Are, or Max et les maximonstres, in French a few towns over. We burst out laughing as soon as we walked into the one room theater. Look at these seats! They look like they were taken out of an airplane from the 70s! It was quite a unique experience. When the previews were over, the lights came back on. The owner walked in, switched reels, and then the lights went back out as our movie began.

In other news, today I learned there's a teacher's strike tomorrow. So who knows if I'll have any classes. Of course! Ah well. Paris this weekend with Sarah, Andrew, and Jonathan!


  1. that is the coolest theater i've ever seen. it looks just like the one in cherrydale. with that teachers strike, i guess your wish of not having to teach anymore is starting to come true. i just hope you still get paid while they are on strike.

  2. Was the movie any good? I really want to see it! Have fun in Paris this weekend!

  3. I saw it dubbed in French (so maybe it 'feels' different in English), but honestly... it was like a traditional French movie, but for kids. Haha. I didn't like it. I thought I would and I wanted to, but it didn't happen. I did like listening to the French, though. And the music was interesting.